More Signs Point Towards a World War II Setting for Upcoming Call of Duty (Update)

Update (March 28):

Today, Eurogamer‘s sources have confirmed that the images are real.

Original story:

Ever since this past weekend’s leak, Call of Duty fans have been digging around for some kind of hints or confirmation of the game’s reported World War II setting. They’ve gone as far as contacting industry insiders, one of whom took to Twitter today to say that the rumors are true.

Many of our readers will already know Shinobi from NeoGAF (or Shinobi602 on Twitter) but for those who don’t, he’s a well-known insider with an excellent track record. He tweeted the following today:

cod leak

Elsewhere, a Reddit mod who has been working on verifying the authenticity of the original leak posted an update to say that it’s “safe” to assume it’s legit. Another Reddit user who’s acquainted with a source inside a marketing company that works for Activision has said that a reveal trailer is almost complete and should be out sometime soon.

Last but not least, one user pointed out with the help of a saved screenshot that Sledgehammer Games’ boss, Michael Condrey, mentioned in his Twitter bio that he’s working on Call of Duty ####, which he later removed (the four hashtags presumably meaning WWII). However, the studio did add some weapons dating back to the World War II era via supply drops in its last game, Advanced Warfare, which fans now believe was a hint.

Folks, we’ll be very surprised if this turns out to be an elaborate hoax.

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