Destiny Update 2.6 Is Live on PS4 & Xbox One, Age of Triumph Begins

Now available to download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Destiny update 2.6.0 kicks off Age of Triumph, the final live event for the game. If you’re currently playing Destiny and don’t download the update by 2pm PT/5pm ET, you’ll be removed from activities and taken to the login screen.

Here’s a look at the changes to Raids and the Crucible with today’s update, which should show up as version 1.32 on your PS4:


A Raid playlist is now available featuring one Raid in the director each week:

  • Recommended Light level: 390
  • New Weapons, Armor, Armor Ornaments, Ghosts, Sparrows, Shaders and Emblems to discover
  • Players will receive one Age of Triumph Armor Ornament token for successful completion of the featured Raid (once per week per account)
  • All Challenge Modes are enabled on the weekly featured Raid: Players will receive one Age of Triumph Armor Ornament token for successful completion of Challenge Modes (once per character, per Challenge Mode, per week)
  • Players will receive a “Knuckles of Eao” by completing a featured Raid’s opening encounter (once per week, per account): Use Knuckles of Eao then defeat a Raid boss in the weekly featured playlist to receive extra rewards; Knuckles of Eao consumables stack to a maximum of 5


  • Three of Coins should now activate on the following bosses: Templar, Atheon, Ir-yut, and Crota
  • Added Challenge Modes to the following Encounters: Atheon, Templar, Ir-yut, and Crota
  • Fixed an issue where killing Ir-Yut would not always end the Deathsinger encounter and players would have to deal with infinitely respawning Knights
  • Removed a condition that prevented Fireteams of less than three from progressing past the Gorgons in the Vault of Glass
  • Fixed an issue where one of the door switches in the second Vosik encounter was partially obscured by the wall and difficult to hit with a SIVA Charge


Crucible Director

Updated core nodes to cycle between available activities on a weekly cadence:

  • Node 1 cycles between Control and Clash
  • Node 2 cycles between Rift and Supremacy
  • Node 3 cycles between Elimination and Trials of Osiris (on weekend only)
  • Node 4 cycles between Skirmish and Salvage
  • Node 5 cycles between Rumble and Rumble Supremacy

Weekly Featured Crucible activities consolidated into a single node

  • Weekly Featured activities include Combined Arms, Zone Control, Mayhem Clash, Mayhem Rumble and Doubles
  • Classic playlists have been removed, players who do not own Rise of Iron can now access the Weekly Featured Crucible activity

Crucible Bounties

  • Updated Crucible Daily Bounties to be more inclusive, no longer requiring specific Subclasses or Fireteams
  • Added new Weekly Crucible Weapon Bounties to the Crucible Quartermaster: Possible Weapon rewards include items from the Crucible Vendor, Crucible Playlists, Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris
  • Lord Shaxx will now offer his Weekly Bounty for both available 6v6 modes each week

Trials of Osiris Bounties have been updated:

  • Existing Bounties will remain in your inventory and can be completed to acquire their respective rewards
  • New versions of the Bounties will now be offered by Brother Vance and can be completed daily when Trials of Osiris is active
  • Armor and Weapon rewards from Bounties updated to include all non-adept Y3 items


  • Crucible Quest chain from Lord Shaxx has been removed, you can complete the current quest you are on but will not acquire the next quest in the chain

Iron Banner

  • Dusty Iron Engrams updated to decrypt immediately upon purchase
  • Dusty Iron Engrams now have a chance to contain Year 2 Iron Companion Armor
  • Iron Banner match rewards updated to include Year 2 Iron Companion Armor
  • Slightly increased chance for Year 1 and Year 2 armor rewards from Iron Banner matches
  • Support added for Iron Banner Mayhem Clash
  • Some vendor items on Efrideet have had their rolls updated

Trials of Osiris/Elimination

  • Fixed an issue where a player on the surviving team could use Fireborn to cause the round to continue even when all enemies were dead


  • Made Special Ammo crates instantly refill your Special Weapon on pickup
  • Disabled Join-in-Progress for Rumble playlists if any player has at least 100 points

Private Matches

Removed Power and Vehicle options, added Ammo and Respawn options that vary by mode:

  • Ammunition – Default, No Special, No Heavy, No Ammo Crates
  • Respawns – Teammate Revives, Instant, After 3 Seconds, After 5 Seconds, After 10 Seconds
  • Vehicles are now enabled on maps that support them, except in Inferno modes
  • Round Time options adjusted for Elimination to default to 90 seconds to match the playlist setting


  • Fixed an issue where players were able to leave the intended playable area on Icarus and Skyline

The full list of patch notes is available over here. You can see a preview of some of the other changes below:


Health Regen Changes

Changes reverted:

  • Suros Legacy perk
  • No Backup Plans
  • Ward of Dawn cast
  • Apotheosis Veil
  • Embrace the Void

Kept the recent changes, but increased the amount of Health/Shield given per kill from 36 to 57:

  • Hungering Blade
  • Transfusion: Cooldown was also removed
  • Cauterize: Cooldown was also removed
  • Red Death perk
  • Lifesteal: Also applies to The Ram


  • Memory of Skorri will now require a kill to start working and will charge Supers for 1 minute, or until the round ends or the player dies
  • Sidearms will no longer allow ammo to stack through death and instead will reset to a single magazine every respawn
  • Added 1 round to Truth’s maximum inventory and increased its reload speed to max
  • Added more flinch to No Land Beyond and widened its potential recoil space — it will recoil the same amount, but not necessarily in the same direction
  • Recovery reduction was removed from the Blink Talent Grid Nodes and the time the player was left HUDless has been lowered
  • Hand Cannon range falloff now starts ~3m earlier
  • Auto Rifles’ minimum damage (damage done at maximum range falloff) increased by 7%
  • Kills with Necrochasm no longer require headshots to explode enemies (flying enemies such as Shanks and Wizards do not explode)
  • Increased Recovery given by Astrocyte Verse’s Move to Survive perk from +3 to +7
  • Fixed an issue where the Rescue Mag perk would replenish ammunition when taking self-damage
  • Fixed an issue where changes to the Shotgun perk Rangefinder intended with Hotfix did not go into effect
  • Fixed an issue that where changes to Shotgun in-air accuracy did not go into effect


  • New Nightfall modifier: Daybreak combines the Epic and Mayhem modifiers every fourth week
  • Nightfall blue flames and Radiant Light Reputation bonus on completion have returned
  • More aggressive idle player detection; now in line with Crucible Activity
  • Fixed an issue in The Nexus where the Aegis would be continuously deleted and respawned
  • Fixed an issue in The Shadow Thief where players would get the “Joining Allies” message while in the playable space during the fight with Taniks

Yesterday, Bungie officially confirmed that the sequel to Destiny is called Destiny 2.

Will you be playing Destiny today?

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