BioShock Creator’s Next Game Will Be “More Challenging” than BioShock, Feature “Narrative Legos”

At this week’s EGX Rezzed, BioShock creater and current president of Ghost Story Games, Ken Levine, talked about how his studio’s upcoming game will feature “narrative LEGOS,” how he’s less concerned with making the game a smooth experience, and that he wants the game to be more challenging or more difficult than his previous two games.

Ken Levine, under Irrational Games, worked on both BioShock and BioShock: Infinite and he explained that they tried to make the experience for both games “fairly frictionless” but he adds that he’s taken inspiration and learned from games that are comfortable with providing a “little friction,” games that don’t hold your hand or hand you things so easily.

He said that he wants to make a game for the hardcore audience of gamers instead of trying to make one that’s easier to understand and made for a wider audience.

Ken Levine and Ghost Story Games have yet to unveil any information on their new game and it looks like it’s going to be a long while before we do. Levine says that changes during development are inevitable and he wants to avoid giving audiences expectations that could turn out to be false, similar to what happened to No Man’s Sky.

[Source: EGX (YouTube) via Eurogamer]