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Check Out Hideo Kojima As He’s Transformed Into a LEGO Character

As if Hideo Kojima couldn’t get any cooler, the legendary game creator recently got himself immortalized as a LEGO character by Warner Bros. in Japan, alongside several other prominent figures. This comes after he tweeted about The LEGO Batman Movie and featured it in his regular film recommendations.

Kojima shared the news and the new Lego Hideo with his fans on Twitter and seemed pretty pleased with it. All in all, Lego Hideo looks pretty cool with his shades, facial hair, and all-black getup.

In his recommendation of The LEGO Batman Movie, Kojima praises the film for its deep depiction of Batman’s “aloofness” and “showing BATMAN’s real nature.” He even went as far as calling the movie a masterpiece.

The creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise left Konami two years ago after 30 years of service to found his own studio Kojima Productions. Kojima is currently working on his next game called Death Stranding under the new studio. While the game has no release date yet, it stars both Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen.

[Source: Hideo Kojima (Twitter) via Glixel]