Gearbox CEO Teases Borderlands 3 With Mo-Cap Photo

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford went on Twitter to tease Borderlands fans once again about the franchise’s next major entry with a selfie of him wearing motion capture gear with a caption implying that he was doing mo-cap work for Borderlands 3.

This isn’t the first time the studio’s CEO has teased fans of the existence of Borderlands 3. Last month during the Game Developer’s Conference, Pitchford showed off a tech demo of the technology the studio is working on using Unreal Engine 4, which he said will power “the next Borderlands game.” While Pitchford made it clear that the footage and pictures from the tech demo weren’t necessarily assets that would make it to Borderlands 3, it gave fans a good glimpse of what the game would look like once it’s released.

While it’s obvious that Borderlands 3 is still quite a way’s away, we can at least be assured that it is already very much in development.

[Source: Randy Pitchford (Twitter)]