Nioh DLC Dragon of the North Story Details Released

Nioh has been one of the surprise successes of 2017 (read our review here), selling over one million copies since its release. And the developers have released story details on the game’s first DLC, Dragon of the North, which is set to come out on May 2.

Here’s an overview of Dragon of the North’s story:

Rumours have emerged from the Oshu region that its ambitious ruler, Masamune Date (the “one-eyed dragon”) is secretly gathering spirit stones. With the Yokai flourishing in Oshu, turmoil and unrest is inevitable…

The Dragon of the North DLC will feature an all new region with its own set of original stages, new Yokai, and a new weapon – the odachi. The DLC will also introduce new armor, ninja skills, magic, and Guardian Spirits. Lastly, the game’s long-awaited and delayed PVP feature will be released alongside Dragon of the North.

The Dragon of the North DLC will be available for $9.99 on the PS Store or free for Nioh season pass owners.

[Source: PlayStation Blog (EU)]