For Honor Update 1.05 Now Expected Next Week, Update 1.06 Coming Next Month

In the latest This Week in For HonorUbisoft revealed that For Honor update 1.05 won’t be out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this week as previously expected. It’s currently in submission, and Ubisoft now believes it will be approved next week.

“Our team is also continuing work to improve the global stability of the game and will be integrating more fixes in the coming weeks,” they added. “We are happy to report that the recently re-introduced maps (High Fort and River Fort) are performing at the same level that the other maps in the multiplayer rotation.”

During today’s Warrior’s Den livestream, Ubisoft said to expect update 1.06 in two weeks on PC, and in three weeks on consoles, and it will include stability improvements and hero balancing. The livestream also confirmed that colorblind mode is coming to For Honor next month.

Answering some questions from the community, Game Director Roman Campos-Oriola said Lawbringer’s shove light should never be blockable:

Regarding the Lawbringer, there is indeed a bug, and we are looking into it. Shove light should never be blockable and should be dodgeable.

For the Berserker it was unintentional to remove the [exhaustion] punish. We fixed an animation glitch and it led to that. We are looking at putting it back soon (the punish not the glitch).

Roman also confirmed that soft feints are a bug and will be removed:

These soft feints are a bug. The window of opportunity to trigger them is not consistent so they’re impossible to master. As a first step we’re going to remove them. However, we’ve noted how players feel they may help solve the defensive meta, and if we ever decide to make these an actual gameplay mechanic, we would implement them in a way that would make them reliable tools.

Additionally, Shugoki’s Charge of the Oni move will be nerfed soon, as it is “way too powerful.”

[Source: For Honor, Reddit]