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Stoic Wants to Continue Exploring Banner Saga World in the Future But Not Before Working on a New IP

With The Banner Saga 3 successfully funded and expected to release in 2018, Stoic wants to move on to a new IP before revisiting the tactical RPG’s world. In an interview with GameWatcher, the developer was asked if it plans to bring the series to a close for good after releasing the third installment, to which Co-Founder and Technical Director John Watson said:

In terms of the Banner Saga world, it’s very rich, and I imagine we would love to return to it at some point even after Banner Saga 3 is done. There’s a lot of world building in this trilogy and we left a lot of the history and certain events offscreen. The world is rich enough that we can take on things that are happening parallel to this trilogy, before, or even after the events players know. That said, we’d probably let the series rest for a bit and let the audience get hungry for the next thing.

Watson revealed that Stoic wants to work on “something in a competitive, tactical combat capacity” but the studio has yet to put together a draft.

It would be a new IP, something that would allow us to avoid stagnance, try new things, and flex our creativity beyond what we’ve been doing.

The Banner Saga 3 is expected to release towards the end of 2018. Although its Kickstarter campaign was geared towards a PC version, Stoic has said that it plans to bring the game to as many platforms as possible.

[Source: GameWatcher via Reddit]