Rocket League Now at Over 30 Million Players

Is there anything left to say about Rocket League’s massive success? I doubt even developer Psyonix would have dreamed that the game would be this successful.

As part of its on-going and what seems to be limitless success, the official Rocket League Twitter account announced that the sports-arcade hit now has over 30 million players worldwide! That means there are more registered Rocket League players than there are people in some countries!

Yep, people do love playing soccer (or football) with cars. Who’d have thought, eh?

In other Rocket League news, the physical version of the game has already passed over one million copies sold this month! Don’t forget that Psyonix is still heavily supporting the game with tweaks, add-on content and more. If you’re on the face, now might be the time to join the fray. Thirty million players can’t be all wrong, right?

[Source: Rocket League (Twitter)]