Middle-earth: Shadow of War Weapons, Gear and Beasts Detailed in Latest Videos

Continuing with IGN’s video blowout on Middle-earth: Shadow of War, we now get to see two videos focusing on different stuff in the upcoming action game.

First up, you can check out the kind of gear you can amass in Shadow of War and how you can augment it to fit how you play.

Next up, we get to see some of the beasts that you’ll be slaying and encountering in Shadow of War. As one can expect, there’s a lot of massive creatures and yep, you can ride ’em.

Stay tuned to our exclusive quick chat with Monolith regarding the highly anticipated sequel, next week!

Middle-earth: Shadow of War will cleave its way out this August 22 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

[Source: IGN (YouTube)]