Injustice 2 Gets New Videos Showing Multiverse Gameplay, Super Moves and More

Folks over at IGN have been releasing some exclusive footage from Injustice 2, showing off various types of gameplay. In its latest series of videos, we get to see 13 mins of Multiverse gameplay, Super Moves, and some Black Adam vs. Batman gameplay. You can check it all out below.

Multiverse gameplay:

Multiverse is similar to Mortal Kombat X‘s Living Towers. In Injustice 2, you can select missions and play out short story lines through a series of fights that’ll earn you unique gear and exclusive rewards. They are all special themed and timed challenges that players will need to survive through.

Every Injustice 2 Super Move:

Black Adam vs. Batman gameplay:

Injustice 2 releases on May 16 in North America and May 19 in Europe for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game has received tons of trailers and gameplay videos thus far, all of which you can check out alongside previous coverage in our dedicated game hub here.

[Source: IGN (YouTube)]