Adding Multiplayer to Prey Would Have Required a Much Bigger Team, Says Arkane Studios

Prey developer Arkane Studios has said that its upcoming title was meant to be a single-player experience right from the start and that it didn’t really consider adding a multiplayer component to it. During an interview with Fenix Bazaar, lead designer Ricardo Bare was asked if there was any discussion about multiplayer among the developers, to which he said:

Not really. Adding multiplayer to a game is a massive endeavor. Our team would have to be much bigger, or we’d need to take much longer to make the game to support something like that. That’s just not somewhere we wanted to go for Prey.

Bare also revealed that when Arkane was approached to develop Prey, it was already working on a science fiction game with an “open structure” similar to its 2002 game, Arx Fatalis. “It fit with the themes we were already working with,” he said.

Prey releases worldwide this Friday for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

[Source: Fenix Bazaar]