Rocket League Update 1.34 Goes Live Tomorrow, Neo Tokyo Returns

The next Rocket League update (1.34) is scheduled to go live tomorrow and Psyonix has announced that it’s bringing back Neo Tokyo due to popular demand. It’s been redesigned as a Standard Arena, with the developer noting that the team decided to keep its futuristic look.

“We left the scenery untouched to maintain that futuristic metropolis look, while removing the parallel ramps on either side of the goals,” wrote Psyonix. The arena will be returning to all playlists.

The original Neo Tokyo isn’t going anywhere either. It’s been renamed Tokyo Underpass and will be available in offline and private matches only for now. It’ll also replace the current Underpass map.

Elsewhere, Mantis has been announced as the next Battle-Car. It’s fully customizable and comes with six new decals.

For more details, head over here.

Rocket League update 1.34 goes live at 3 PM PDT / 6PM EDT on Wednesday. We’ll share full patch notes with our readers as soon as we have them.