Next ARK: Survival Evolved Update for PS4 & Xbox One Expected This Week, Here’s What’s Included

Studio Wildcard has revealed that the next ARK: Survival Evolved update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One could release as early as tomorrow, May 16.

Entering certification on Tuesday, the next ARK update for PS4 is version 507, and it will add new dinos, new structures, 15 new music tracks, and much more:

  • TEK Cave & Volcano
  • New Dino: Giant Bee
  • New Dino: Daeodon
  • New Dino: Liopleurodon
  • New Dino: Kentrosaurus
  • New Structure: Tek Cloning Chamber
  • New Structure: Tek Megalodon Saddle
  • New Structure: Tek Turret
  • New Weapon: Tek Grenade
  • “Ascension” Game Progression
  • More UI overhauls
  • New Hairstyle and Facial Hair
  • Approximately 20+ New Explorer Notes
  • 15 new music tracks, per-biome and situational
  • Fixed issue with Cave spawns not functioning properly in singleplayer
  • The Center mega-update!
  • Engram Tree Revamp – With the forced level reset and cap at 100, Unofficials which have custom Levels/EXP will need to add an additional 15 levels to make up for Ascension.
  • New Emote
  • Anglers can now gather pearls.

The Xbox One update, version 754, carries the same patch notes, and you can learn more about the upcoming update over here.

On Twitter, Studio Wildcard Co-Founder Jeremy Stieglitz said that the ending in v257 (PC)/v507 (PS4)/v754 (Xbox) “is not the game’s “true” ending, not even close. That’ll be coming soon, & it’ll be glorious.”

Stieglitz also confirmed that per pixel painting is eventually coming to consoles:

When the ARK: Survival Evolved is live on PS4, we’ll let you know.

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