Windjammers Closed Beta Begins on June 8 on PS4, Sign-Ups Live

Letting you try out the online mode, a Windjammers Closed Beta will run from June 8 through June 12 on PlayStation 4, DotEmu announced today. Sign-ups are now live on (you’ll need to create an account), and you only have until June 5 to register.

Playable in North and South America, Middle East, and Europe, here’s what to expect from the Windjammers Closed Beta:

Initially launched on arcade cabinet and NeoGeo, Windjammers is the mix of a sports game and fighting game where challengers face each other on a field and throw a Frisbee at the opponent’s goal zone to score points. The player with the most points wins. Discover in exclusivity, through this Beta, the new online ranking mode giving the chance to gamers of all over the world to compete against each other. This closed Beta will help us test the online mode and the matchmaking system.

WWE Superstar Xavier Woods and current Windjammers World Champion Keikun will be online during the beta period.

Windjammers is expected to launch later this year for PS4 and PS Vita.

[Source: PlayStation]