ARK: Survival Evolved Update Today on PS4 Fixes Primitive+ Issues

Update: Jat says, “ARK: Evolution Event is now live until May the 22nd @ 12PM EST – Bonus 1.5x Harvesting, Taming, and Experience Rates on all PLATFORMS!”

Original Story: Marking the third ARK: Survival Evolved update in the last few days, today’s new patch on PlayStation 4 “will fix the issues with Primitive+ (no textures, missing items),” according to Studio Wildcard Community Manager Jat. He later added, “The problems were that any custom modified asset on Primitive+ was missing its textures, and certain items were no longer acquirable.”

A PS4-only update, it might be a big one, but Jat doesn’t expect the download size to be more than 2GB.

Yesterday, the new ARK patch fixed localization issues.

On Wednesday, the v507 update added new dinos, new structures, 20+ new Explorer Notes, 15 new music tracks, the Ascension game progression, and much more.

Studio Wildcard hasn’t set a release date for v508 on PS4. The PC version of the next major update is scheduled for May 30 and will add new dinos, the Harpoon Gun, two new hairstyles, and more.

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