Bungie: Destiny 2 Won’t Have Dedicated Servers, “It’s Just Not an Investment That We Made”

Along with revealing that Destiny 2 will run at 30fps on consoles, Project Lead Mark Noseworthy told IGN that “we are not getting dedicated servers.”

Game Director Luke Smith then explained why:

It’s just not an investment that we made for Destiny 2… I understand there’s certainly a desire for it, but you know, the smaller team format – although it’s one bigger in the [Trials of Osiris] case for sure here – in the smaller team formats in general it’s easier for us to find tighter matches. And we’re also going to rechange the parameters for matchmaking, to refocus on connection quality instead of like Trials win matching. We’re going to change a bunch of the parameters to focus on giving people better network experiences.

Noseworthy also said they have cool stuff planned for Trials of Osiris (which will be unveiled later this year), and a Trials-like experience will be available in the Destiny 2 launch window (“way before” the Osiris expansion).

If you’re hoping to move your character from console to PC with Destiny 2, Bungie PC Lead David Shaw told PC Gamer, “We’ve heard about that a lot. We definitely have gotten strong feedback that people are interested in that. At this time, we don’t have anything to announce. We think it’s super interesting, we totally get it, but we don’t have anything really to say about that topic today.”

[Source: IGN, PC Gamer via NeoGAF]