NBA Live 18 Gameplay and Screenshots Bounce Out

Remember NBA Live? EA’s basketball sim franchise that once ruled the roost before NBA 2K came in, and just dunked on every basketball game? Well, EA just held a preview event for YouTube “influencers” and it seems the embargo is up, as videos showcasing gameplay and screenshots have surfaced online.

While we do see snippets of gameplay, there’s not a lot we know. We don’t know what new features have been added, or what tweaks were made, or just how it plays.

You can also check out screenshots in the gallery below.

Let’s hope NBA Live goes back to its former championship form since more competition is always good, right? No specific platforms has been announced, but it might be safe to say that it’ll jump out to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, just like the last NBA Live title (NBA Live 16).

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