Street Fighter V Gets Ed, Remastered Spain Stage & New CFN Update on May 30

May 30 will be a busy day for Street Fighter V, as Capcom is releasing Ed, the remastered Spain stage, the Thailand stage with all-new background music, the new Capcom Fighters Network update, and Monthly Targets. Also, by signing in to the New CFN at any point from May 30 to June 13, you’ll receive a 50,000 Fight Money bonus.

“The cage returns!” Capcom said of the Flamenco Tavern stage. “As part of a bevy of new features and updates coming on May 30, Street Fighter V will receive a remastered Spain stage loaded with dancers, musicians and all the requisite flair we’ve enjoyed since its stylish debut in Street Fighter II. And Vega players… yes, you will be able to climb that bad boy.”

In terms of pricing, Flamenco Tavern will cost $3.99/€3.99 or 70,000 Fight Money, the Thailand stage will cost $3.99/€3.99 or 70,000 Fight Money, and Ed will cost $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money.

For Monthly Targets, Capcom will be offering up four in June (perform a combo 100 times, win 20 Ranked Matches, KO opponent with CA 50 times, and win 40 Ranked Matches), which will net you a total of 36,000 Fight Money. A new Target will be released each month from July through November, and each Target only lasts for one month (the Targets in June expire on July 1).

Previously detailed by Capcom, the New CFN will include an improved Rage Quit Penalty System, greatly reduce the time it takes to find an online match, reduce loading times for entering Ranked and Casual matches, improve matchmaking so you won’t fight the same person repeatedly, and more.

[Source: Capcom Unity, Street Fighter]