Major Street Fighter V Capcom Fighters Network Update Incoming

Capcom has announced, on its Capcom Unity blog, that it will soon be bringing a long-promised major update to its Capcom Fighters Network system for Street Fighter V. The announcement states that the update will bring a slew of improvements to the Street Fighter V’s online experience, something that has been one of the most criticized aspects of the game.

According to the announcement, one of the first changes that will come with the update is an improved Rage Quit Penalty System. Special icons that show whether a player is an “honorable” opponent or is notorious for rage quitting will now correctly appear. The updated system will now also take into account one’s online behavior including frequent disconnections to match players accordingly.

The update will also greatly reduce the time it takes to find an online match as well as the loading times for entering Ranked and Casual matches. Matchmaking has also been improved so that same players won’t be matched with each other repeatedly.

Several quality of life improvements will also be introduced with the new update including training mode user settings now being saved, properly displayed country flags in the Battle Lounge, country or league based ranking system filtering, a new friend management system, more detailed fighter profile stats, a new interactive timeline, and a new in-game announcer.

While there’s no solid release date for the new CFN update, Capcom has said that it plans to release it soon after the update’s beta test on PC is concluded.

[Source: Capcom Unity Blog]