Tekken Dev Doesn’t Think the Game Is Complex, Says He Initially Didn’t Expect a Long-Running Franchise

Producer Katsuhiro Harada has said that he doesn’t think Tekken is all that complex as many of its techniques can easily be performed by “button mashing,” making the series accessible. In an interview with PlayStation Blog following the latest entry’s launch, Harada pointed out that 70 percent of the Tekken fanbase comprises of causal players and that the game has sold 44 million copies.

“If it were complex, it probably wouldn’t have sold 44 million copies and be the best-selling fighting game it is today,” he explained.

Harada also revealed that Tekken 7‘s development team made a “special effort” to ensure that the recently released title was “more accessible than past installments.” “Long-time fans of the series have been saying this is the easiest Tekken for newcomers to pick up, and we have seen a large influx of new players for the arcade version in Japan and Asia,” he continued.

Elsewhere, Harada revealed that he wasn’t expecting Tekken to be a long-running franchise when he first started out. He mentioned this in response to a question about ending the Heihachi/Kazuhiro rivalry, while also noting that it was time for a conclusion.

Tekken 7 has launched to positive reviews worldwide. The game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Arcade.

[Source: PlayStation]