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E3 2017 – Final Fantasy XV Universe Trailer Shows Off Episode Prompto and Regalia Type-D

Square Enix has released a new trailer showcasing all of the current and some of the upcoming content for the Final Fantasy XV universe, including gameplay of the upcoming Episode Prompto and Regalia Type-D DLCs.

Basing off of the trailer, it looks like Episode Prompto is going to feature both third-person and first-person shooter gameplay as it shows the titular character Prompto firing off an automatic rifle as well as a sniper rifle. We also get to see what Prompto will look like in the DLC, although it’s not sure if he’ll be wearing the same outfit all throughout or if players will be allowed to change it like in the base game.

The trailer also showed off the new Type-D mode of the Regalia, the vehicles off-road version complete with gigantic wheels and tires. The new mode will allow players to leave the game’s roads entirely and explore more of its map.

Both Episode Prompto and the Regalia Type-D will be coming to Final Fantasy XV in its June update scheduled for release on June 27, 2017.