E3 2017 – The Walking Dead VR Game in the Works

It looks like we’ll be seeing The Walking Dead coming to VR in the future, thanks to a new partnership between franchise owner Skybound Entertainment and game developer Skydance Interactive.

The partnership will see the development of multiple original virtual reality games set within The Walking Dead universe. The first title birthed by the new partnership will be a VR game featuring a new setting and roster of characters.

Instead of a conventional horror game, The Walking Dead VR will feature an “immersive narrative storytelling experience” with a “contextual interaction system” which will force players to make difficult and complex choices and live with their implications.

The first The Walking Dead VR game is being developed in Unreal Engine and will be released on the PSVR and other VR platforms. No release date for the new VR experience has been announced though.

[Source: IGN]