Here’s More Than 15 Minutes of Detroit: Become Human Gameplay

During Sony’s E3 2017 press conference there was a new trailer for Detroit: Become Human, where everything shown was “100% realtime playable in-game footage, [on PS4 Pro].” If you’d prefer to see some full Detroit: Become Human gameplay, the PlayStation LiveCast included two different appearances by the upcoming title.

In the above video, Director David Cage discusses Detroit: Become Human while Markus gameplay begins showing at the 1:40 mark. In the below video, the PlayStation social media team plays Connor’s Hostage scene live beginning at 1:10.

Cage says, “Detroit’s been by far the most complex script I’ve ever written. It took me two years, which is quite unusual for me… final script is about 2,000 pages, it’s really huge. In comparison, a film is about 100 pages.”

As Cage explained on the PlayStation Blog, Markus, who was revealed in the E3 2017 trailer, is the third and final playable character in Detroit: Become Human, alongside Kara and Connor. “Markus (played by Jesse Williams) is an android who escaped his master and joined a small group of deviants hiding underground in Detroit. Lost and disparaged, they will try to find ways of convincing humanity that they are more than just defective machines – that they are alive,” he added.

Cage later talked about how your actions impact the story:

In Detroit, you tell your own story through your choices. In each scene, every decision will have profound consequences – including whether each character lives or dies – but also a significant impact on the fuller story and the wider world: your attitude will shape media and public opinion, which will react in real time to your actions, altering the fate of your character.

A release window for Detroit: Become Human on PlayStation 4 wasn’t given by Quantic Dream.

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