Shuhei Yoshida Talks PSVR’s Future, Says They Have No Plans to Drop PS4 Pro’s Price

In addition to revealing that Sony held some things back during their E3 2017 showcase, Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida also mentioned in a recent interview that they don’t have plans to talk about a PlayStation VR successor.

Towards the end of a roundtable interview uploaded by Jagat Review, Yoshida was asked what their road-map for PlayStation VR’s success is.

He replied:

We are not planning to make any changes.

The platform that we have – PlayStation game console – what we support is to provide the same technology to as many people as possible so that we can provide the really high-tech system at the very affordable price, because we make lots of them. And also at the same time create a large enough install base of the same system for the developers to aim their game development.

So it’s very important for us to make sure that once we introduce a system, it’s a really high quality system and we can make sure that the people, when they purchase, can count on using it for many years to come. And for people to know that the games will be released for many years to come.

We just released [PSVR] last year and we are trying to catch up with demand. So we have no plan to talk about the successor to PSVR. Actually, PSVR we developed alongside with PS4. So it’s completely optimized to work with PS4. So as long as we are selling PS4, PSVR will be there.

To close out the interview, Shuhei was asked if they had any plans to reduce the PS4 Pro’s $399.99 USD price. After asking with a laugh, “Is it too expensive?”, Yoshida talked about how Sony is happy with the quality of games playable on PS4 Pro, and the feedback so far from owners is “really, really positive.”

He then added, “People are very, very happy [with PS4 Pro], so we don’t have any plans to change [the price].”

[Source: Jagat Review]