Detroit: Become Human Is Releasing in 2018, David Cage Reveals

As part of Shuhei Yoshida’s PlayStation booth tour at E3, we heard from Quantic Dream Co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere that Detroit: Become Human will be out when it’s finished. In an interview with GameSpot though, Director David Cage confirmed that it’s releasing in 2018.

Asked about their target date, Cage simply replied, “We’ve not announced a date, but it’s going to be next year.”

Also in the interview, Cage talked about how many different paths you can take in Detroit:

So that was a very important thing for us when we started working on this, was to say, ‘We don’t want to do smoke and mirrors with this, we want to go the hard way.’ Let’s create assets that maybe 10% of people will see. And let’s embrace this idea that usually you reject because we’re not going to create scenes for the 10% of people who make that choice. But we said, ‘We should,’ because that’s the heart, the DNA of the experience that we wanted to create. So the tree structure is very complex: in each scene, in each arc, we added another layer of complexity which is that the arc of one character – we have three playable characters – can have an impact on the arcs of the other characters. So you can imagine the complexity of the tree structure.

He continued by saying there are scenes you may never see, characters you may see only once or become your friend and accompany you through the whole game, and “the three characters can die, which won’t lead to a ‘game over’ situation, the game will carry on with the remaining characters.”

As for the different endings, he said:

[…] it’s not this kind of game where you get three different endings and that’s it – there are many paths, many ways of playing the story, of traveling through this tree structure, leading to many different endings, but the goal for us was to give the feeling to the player that they are in control of their destiny, that they are telling their own story.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Quantic Dream revealed that their motion capture studio contributed to Ubisoft’s E3 2017 trailers for The Crew 2 and Beyond Good & Evil 2.

[Source: GameSpot, Quantic Dream]