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EA Strengthening Geneva HQ, Downsizes Local Teams

EA is planning to bolster its ranks at its Geneva HQ in an effort to develop a new international marketing hub at the location, according to a report by Games Industry. Because of this, the company is downsizing several of its local territory offices, including the UK.

We’ve recently proposed some staffing changes in our international publishing teams as we create an international marketing hub for our organization based in Geneva.

While the exact number of employees that will be affected by the restructuring is unknown, EA has said that the company is doing everything it can to find new opportunities for them at EA and assisting them with the transition.

It looks like EA wants to centralize its PR and marketing efforts. And as the industry becomes more globally connected, having an international marketing  hub may be a good idea to keep the company’s efforts consistent and standardized across the board.

[Source: Games Industry]