YouTube for PSVR Gets an Update, Brings Playback Enhancements and Stability Improvements

If you’re one of the many people who use YouTube with your PlayStation VR, you should see an app update kick in once you boot it up today.

According to the PSVR subreddit, the update is v2.03 and adds stability improvements.

Version 2.03 – Playback enhancements for “PlayStation VR”. General performance and stability improvements”

Unfortunately, Reddit user “piggyhero” states that YouTube on PSVR is still stuck at 1440p max resolution, and that the update doesn’t seem to add any significant change.

If you’ve downloaded the update and tested it out on PSVR, let us know if there’s anything you noticed that changed or got tweaked, alright?

In other PSVR news, prepare to be the wallcrawler as the Spider-Man: Homecoming VR Experience is swinging to PSVR this June 30 for free!

[Source: PSVR Reddit]