Friday the 13th: The Game Update 1.05 Is Live on PS4, Adds Retro Jason Skin & Fixes

818MB on PlayStation 4 and 1.8GB on PC, Friday the 13th: The Game update 1.05 launched late yesterday, delivering free content to players as an apology for the launch issues. However, the Xbox One version of the update failed certification due to some instability of the new content and a memory leak issue, and the developers don’t know when it’s going to launch.

Here’s the patch notes for the update, according to the PS4’s Update History:

  • Various bugs were fixed
  • Various reported crashes
  • Various reported exploits
  • Added Retro Jason skin
  • Added new counselor colors
  • Added support for double XP

For the Retro Jason skin, the developer says, “Retro Jason is a selectable skin swap on Part 3 Jason when searching for him. He is a skin swap, not a unique Jason other than music.”

If you’re wondering about the 13,000 CP, that will arrive on Friday, June 23 to coincide with the start of the Double XP weekend.

Asked if they can change Quick Play so that, if the host leaves the whole session doesn’t end, the devs said, “We are indeed working on this.”

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