Detroit Become Human Twitter Throws Shade at Xbox Owners

Oftentimes, it’s either the fans or the executives at Sony or Microsoft that try to throw shade at each other. This time though, it was whoever is handling the Detroit: Become Human Twitter account.

The Twitter account of the upcoming PS4 exclusive recently tweeted:

When you wake up and #DetroitBecomeHuman is still a PS4 exclusive and you’re still an @Xbox owner. #ThursdayThoughts

The tweet obviously throws shade at Xbox owners who won’t be able to play the game on the Microsoft console, unless they also own a PS4. As expected, the tweet was eventually deleted some time later (around three hours later according to Eurogamer).


There’s a chance that whoever is handling the account meant to post the tweet on his or her personal Twitter account but ended up publishing it on the Detroit: Become Human account instead. We might never know as we probably won’t get an explanation for the incident.

Detroid: Become Human is schedule for release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018.

[Source: Eurogamer via VG247]