VR Invaders PSVR Game Giveaway!

In case you didn’t notice. the PlayStation VR has been a tremendous success for Sony; and what’s even better, at least for now, is that the device will have a steady stream of games in the coming months. With that in mind, PlayStation LifeStyle will be giving some love to the PSVR readers we have out there.

This week, we’ll be giving away five (5) PSVR US (R1) codes for My.com’s bullet hell game, VR Invaders! How to win? Simple. Just leave a comment telling us the best way you’d fend of an alien invasion! Easy, right? Same as before, you’ll be emailed the code with the email you used to register your Disqus account.

(Note: Once contacted, the winner has 48 hours to reply, or we’ll send the code to someone else)

In case you haven’t read it, go give our VR Invaders review a go where we said:

A game doesn’t always need to be flashy in order to be great. It doesn’t need the backing of a major license. Sometimes it just needs to do what it sets out to do very well to stand out above the rest. VR Invaders is a superbly crafted bullet hell VR game that is highlighted not by an ostentatious setting, but rather excellent game design.

Stay tuned for more PlayStation LifeStyle giveaways soon!