Green Hell VR Devs Promise Visual Update for Divisive PSVR2 Port

Green Hell VR Devs Promise Visual Update for Divisive PSVR2 Port

Green Hell VR was one of the more recent PSVR2 games to come out, but its launch wasn’t perfectly smooth. Many criticized the port for various reasons, and now developer Incuvo has responded, noting that improvements are on the way.

The Green Hell VR PSVR2 port was criticized for its visuals

The game’s Twitter account tweeted out a statement thanking players for their interest and that the studio was prioritizing patches. It listed three big areas it will focus on: amping up the rendering resolution, improving the steering and controls, and upgrading the haptic feedback. There will also be smaller patches aimed at squashing bugs.

The first bullet point seems to be the biggest topic of concern, as complaints on Green Hell VR’s visuals on PSVR2 were quite widespread. Some stated the port was blurry, while others derided it for being smaller in scope. Incuvo did note on the game’s Discord server that the PSVR2 port would be more akin to the Meta Quest 2 version, but it doesn’t seem like that information was as well known enough to properly set expectations.

Regardless, the Quest 2 version is known for being smaller in scope and far more linear, which makes sense because it doesn’t have a full PC backing it up. The PC VR version not only looks better, but has bigger levels and more structures to build (along with some gameplay differences, too). Basing the PSVR2 version, which does obviously require a console, on the weaker of the two also hasn’t sat too well with some players (and potentially explains its visual quality).

This is somewhat similar to what happened with The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR. The horror shooter came out shortly after PSVR2’s launch and many criticized its visuals. Developer Supermassive Games quickly noted in response that updates were incoming. However, after some delays and bouts of silence, the studio finally released its big patch almost four months after Switchback VR’s launch.