bulletstorm vr new levels

Bulletstorm VR Will Feature New Levels and Playable Character

People Can Fly, and Incuvo have revealed Bulletstorm VR will bring fresh gameplay to the virtual reality remake of the 2013 shooter, with a new playable character and two new levels.

Bulletstorm VR’s arsenal grows

Bulletstorm VR puts players in the battle-hardened boots of elite badass mercenary Grayson Hunt as he fights everything from crazy raiders to colossal sky-scraper-sized beasts with an extended (and explosive) science-fiction arsenal.

But Bulletstorm VR expands on this chaos by introducing content not seen in the original game, including new levels that feature Trishka Novak as a newly playable badass babe on the hunt to send her father’s killer back to hell. Trishka wields a new Energy Blades weapon that can decapitate and dismember enemies.

The new levels and character won’t be added to Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition on PS4, as they are exclusive to the VR version.

The release date for Bulletstorm VR on PSVR2 was recently pushed back from this month to January 18, 2024.