BioWare Asking Fans the “Number One Thing” They Want to See in Anthem

At this year’s E3, EA and BioWare finally lifted the lid on the studio’s upcoming, AAA game, Anthem. While what we saw was definitely impressive, there’s still a lot of work involved to make sure it doesn’t end up like BioWare’s other game, Mass Effect Andromeda.

Over on Twitter, Anthem Level Designer Corey Gaspur asked fans what’s “the number one thing” they want to see in Anthem.

In case anyone’s interested, I did my part and gave constructive feedback, and tweeted that I wanted to see more meaningful end-game content.

Set for release this 2018. Anthem is said to be more “science-fantasy” than science-fiction; sorta like Star Wars.

What do you want to see BioWare do with Anthem? What would your “number one thing” if you had to choose?

[Source: Corey Gaspur (Twitter)]