Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions and Progression Detailed

It came as a pretty big surprise when EA announced that Battlefront II’s DLC maps and characters would all be released and available to download for free and that the game would forego season passes. Taking their place though is microtransactions.

In a series of videos by BattlefrontUpdates made in partnership with EA, the crate system as well as Star Cards and the progression system were previewed, revealing the possible microtransactions the game could feature.

According to the video, progression in Battlefront II is achieved by unlocking crates, which are attained in a number of ways including logging in daily, events, and through the use of credits. Crates may contain a variety of items including more credits, crafting parts, and Star Cards.

It’s not sure whether players will be able to purchase crates directly or just credits but here’s what Design Director Niklas Fegraeus said in an interview with Gamespot:

When you want to progress and get stuff, you can either play the game and when you play you earn the in-game currency, and with that you can spend towards whatever you want. If you want to accelerate that, if you can’t play for a week, you can purchase that.

The game will also feature aesthetic customizations to the game’s weapons and vehicles so that’s another area that could feature microtransactions.

With Battlefront II still quite a ways away from its November 17, 2017, release date, things still might change so we’ll just have to wait and see if everything featured in the videos will make it to the final game.

[Source: BattlefrontUpdates via GameSpot]