Fans Have Figured Out Why Jumping in Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy Is Harder

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy has only been out for less than a week and many who have gotten their hands on the game have commented that the game seems harder or more specifically jumping and landing jumps feel more difficult.

There now looks to be an explanation for what people have been experiencing. Redditor Tasty Carcass has shared that the N.Sane Trilogy could be using “pill shaped” collision boxes for both playable characters Crash and Coco’s feet, rather than the flat ones in the original.

“This shape is used as the default for the Unity engine and some other engines,” he explained. “It means that rather than falling off things, you sort of slide down them a bit first, even if it’s a flat plane.”

He explains further that the positive aspect of the different collision box is that jumps can be extended by slightly sliding off an edge first before performing a jump. The downside is that it is easier to slip off and die if Crash or Coco barely land on a platform.

TastyCarcass has created a pair of videos to show just how the “pill shaped” collision boxes work, which you can view above and below.

[Source: Reddit via Eurogamer, TastyCarcass (YouTube – 1,2)]