Scribblenauts Veteran Announces Next Up Hero, Coming to PS4 in Early 2018

Digital Continue, the new studio of 5th Cell (Scribblenauts) founder Joe Tringali, has just announced its first game entitled Next Up Hero, a new community-based twin-stick shooter that makes death an integral part of its gameplay.

Next Up Hero will feature extremely difficult enemies and levels, almost ensuring that players will die. And that’s okay. Every time a player dies in Next Up Hero, they leave an echo which the next player or hero can resurrect as an AI follower, which are called Echoes as well.

While Echoes are weaker than their live counterparts, resurrecting them makes it easier for players to progress through the game. And the more people who play in a single game session, the more Echoes there will be available to help. Echeos can also be used to summon more powerful Ancients.

Next Up Hero is scheduled for release sometime next year for the PlayStation 4 and other platforms. In the meantime, check out the game’s announcement trailer above.

[Source: PlayStation Blog (US)]