CastleStorm VR Releases on August 1 for PSVR

CastleStorm VR is releasing on August 1 for PlayStation VR, Zen Studios announced today. A price for the PSVR version wasn’t given, but it did launch at $24.99 USD for Oculus Rift and $14.99 USD for Samsung Gear VR last year.

Here’s the description:

Raze castles and conquer your rivals in CastleStorm VR, a super genre mashup of 2D physics destruction mashed with a tower defense brawler. Players are catapulted right into the heat of the battlefield, casting their swords against formidable foes like knights, soldiers, archers and even griffins in thrilling castle vs. castle combat!

Harnessing the power of PlayStation VR, you are placed directly onto the field of battle, where you’ll see, feel and hear every whizzing arrow, battle cry, horse gallop and ballista shot as though you are really in the midst of combat. Get medieval in a whole new way with CastleStorm VR!

Along with a campaign, CastleStorm VR includes a Castle Builder mode and a 1v1 multiplayer mode where you can battle the constructions of other players.

There’s 15 Trophies to unlock in CastleStorm VR, but no Platinum. The single Gold Trophy asks you to reach 100% completion in Campaign mode by obtaining all the stars, while the single Silver Trophy asks you to finish the Campaign mode.

You can read our review of the PS4 version of CastleStorm over here.

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