Paragon’s Next Big Update Arrives on August 8, Here’s What It Will Include

On August 8, Epic Games will release the Next Big Update (v.42) for Paragon, which is bigger than the Year One and Age of Intellect patches.

Paragon update v.42 will include the final Monolith art update (above), an Iggy rework, entirely new itemization, and everything else you see below:

  • Final Monolith art update
  • Iggy Rework
  • Entirely new itemization (Card System rework)
  • Rebalanced in-game economy
  • Full gameplay rebalance (based on card and economy changes)
  • New Mastery system
  • Our next ranged carry
  • And more!

Instead of releasing a new hero with v.42, Epic Games has “chosen to rework a couple of our older heroes more relevant in Monolith.”

Prior to v.42, you can expect updates v.41.1 – v.41.5, which will improve stability, performance, download sizes, issues, and more. With v.41.3, Zinx will be added to Paragon.

“None of these changes are small, and they all add up to an evolution of Paragon,” the developer said. “As we move past August and into the end of the year we’ve got more updates to come. We’ll be revisiting the HUD, updating minions and jungle monsters, working on new player onboarding, beefing up our matchmaking, and continue reworking original Heroes.”

Epic Games hopes to have Paragon out of Beta in early 2018.

If you don’t have Paragon yet, it’s a free download from the PlayStation Store.

[Source: Epic Games via GameSpot]