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Marvel’s Spider-Man Developer Diary Released, Wilson Fisk Unveiled

Insomniac Games has released a new developer diary for Marvel’s Spider-Man at the D23 Expo 2017, which gives us a glimpse of the game’s original story.

The developer diary shows that Spider-Man is older and experienced and we also get to see Peter Parker’s apartment, revealing that the game will be a lot more personal and feature not just Spider-Man, but also Peter Parker himself, as well as one of the villains Spider-Man will have to face – Wilson Fisk AKA the Kingpin. Additionally, the video shows us quite a bit of gameplay and a few cutscenes featuring the webcrawler and Mister Negative (Martin Li). Here’s a description:

Go behind the scenes at Insomniac Games as they create an all-new, original Spider-Man story with a more experienced Peter Parker. See how the team at Insomniac Games, in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation, is building a blockbuster action experience where Peter Parker and Spider-Man’s worlds collide.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is scheduled for release sometime in 2018 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.