Enter to Win a Free Copy of Fallen Legion on PS4 and Vita!

Fallen Legion

In order to celebrate the launch of YummyYummyTummy’s innovative role-playing game Fallen Legion on both PlayStation 4 and Vita, we’re giving away a total of eight copies across social media. To enter to win either a copy of Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire or Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion all you have to do is go to either our Twitter or Facebook pages. There you’ll be able to follow the rules of the contest and be entered to win!

Those interested will have until 2pm (CST) on Friday, July 21 to enter. The contest winners will then be announced online.

To find out more about the games you can win, check out our reviews of each title.

Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire review:

Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire doesn’t manage to nail all of its ideas, but it manages to make enough of them stick for it to be a worthwhile title for role-playing game fans. Developer YummyYummyTummy didn’t play it safe, and has implemented some fantastic ideas here. It’s just that some repetitive level design, and a flat story, manages to drag the game down in its back half.

Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion review:

Despite a few technical issues, Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion offers up a satisfying role-playing experience. It features the more interesting narrative of the two Fallen Legion titles, and should be played first due to it. That said, it’s really too bad that neither version of the game shines as much as they should. The great-playing PS4 version is paired with a predictable story, while the Vita release is held back by occasional slowdown and long load times. I get why developer YummyYummyTummy chose to split their ambitious RPG into two halves, but the end product ultimately suffers due to it.

Good luck to all that enter!

Fallen Legion is available now for PlayStation 4 and Vita.