Tiny Trax’s New Patch Makes the PSVR Racing Game More Accessible

It’s always great to see when a developer listens to fan feedback, and FuturLab has decided that Tiny Trax‘s challenging gameplay can be a bit too much for those first starting out. An update for the PSVR exclusive is coming soon that lowers the difficulty level for the game’s first cup in order to “ensure that new players can achieve a medal more fairly.”

Check out the full announcement below:

The Brighton-based publisher has responded swiftly to early feedback about the AI being to strong in early levels of the PSVR racer, and is rolling out the patch today. The difficulty level on the first cup has been lowered to ensure that new players can achieve a medal more fairly.

Tiny Trax is available now for PlayStation VR, delivering a unique and innovative slot car drift racing experience described as ‘Micro Machines meets Scalextric’, with an emphasis on player comfort.

The game, from Award-winning Brighton-based studio FuturLab (Velocity 2X), immerses players in stunning virtual worlds surrounded by a variety of epic toy racing tracks, allowing them to control tiny cars from a child’s perspective, and watch them boost around their body, jump overhead and drift around bends.

A drifting/boost-recharge mechanic means Tiny Trax is easy to pick up, but challenging to master. Importantly, the player remains static in the virtual world, while they control the action going on around them, resulting in extremely comfortable and satisfying gameplay.

The game also boasts online multiplayer functionality for up to four players, with 12 tracks across three environments – Tropical, Fire & Ice and Outer Space – and six vehicles to choose from.

The music has been composed by leading video game composer Joris de Man, whose previous work includes Horizon: Zero Dawn, Killzone and FuturLabs’ own Velocity 2X.

My review of Tiny Trax went live on the site earlier this week, and I really enjoyed FuturLab’s VR spin on slotcar racing. Here’s a snippet of what I had to say:

It’s been awhile since I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed a learning curve in a racing game. Tiny Trax hides a highly challenging racer behind its charming, and I’ve enjoyed going from nearly being lapped to occasionally winning races. The only thing that really holds the game back is a lack of content and options, as there are only three cups of tracks to master, but FuturLab definitely has a winner in the gameplay department.

Tiny Trax is available now for PlayStation VR.