Lawbreakers PS4 stuttering

LawBreakers PS4 Launch Suffering From Stutters, Frame Drops, and Hitches

This image, courtesy of Eurogamer, shows the LawBreakers PS4 stuttering issue.

LawBreakers, the highly anticipated character arena shooter from Cliff Blezinski and the rest of the team at Boss Key Productions, launched today for PS4 and PC, but the console release isn’t going as smoothly as they would have liked. As I’ve been putting the game through it’s paces in a live environment for review, I found myself running into problems with frame drops and stutters bad enough to change the outcomes of certain scenarios, whether it’s failing to come out victorious in a shootout, or losing track of an enemy completing an objective.

It’s been frustrating to try to play the game in this state, but it seems Boss Key is aware and working on a fix, as nearly every menu in the game displays the following message:

“We are currently aware and investigating a hitching issue on PS4 when joining/leaving a match or changing roles. Thanks for your understanding while we work to resolve the issue.”

It looks like we’re not the only ones running into this issue either, as the folks over at Eurogamer and Digital Foundry have run an analysis of these frame drops and stutters.

“The issue is profound enough that you don’t need frame-rate analysis tools to notice the problem, but for the record we’ve measured in-game stutter on PlayStation 4 Pro maxing out at 316ms – pretty much one third of a second.”

As Eurogamer notes, I too found that the issues are not limited to the mundanity of switching characters or joining/leaving matches. I’ve been experiencing these stutters during crucial moments of action and they significantly impact the gameplay, turning it from a high octane, accurate shooter, into more of a frustrating guessing game.

Our review for LawBreakers is currently in the works and will take note of Boss Key’s quick communication regarding a major issue, and whether or not they are able to quickly implement a fix to what has admittedly been a rough launch. If and when there are any updates or changes to these issues, we’ll keep you updated on the status of Boss Key’s arena shooter.

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[Source: Eurogamer]