100ft robot golf kaiju

100ft Robot Golf Kaiju Driving Range Mode Coming Next Month

100ft Robot Golf will soon be getting a new PSVR oriented add-on for their mecha golfing game, developer No Goblin has announced. Called the Kaiju Driving Range, the mode will pit a robot golfer against a giant crab monster. The goal? For the robot to make ‘killer’ golf shots, and for the Kaiju to wreck these ‘killer’ golf shots. The Kaiju player would be the one using the PSVR headset to help swipe the ball out of the air, while the robot will be playing on the TV.

The add-on will hit September 12, and will be free to all 100ft Robot Golf owners. Here’s a gameplay trailer of the mode in action:

You can read more about the mode from No Goblin’s post on the PlayStation.Blog:

Here’s the deal: it’s a 1 vs 1 game mode where one player plays a robot golfer on your TV, and the other straps into a PS VR headset and becomes a sick-ass crab kaiju – complete with Move controller support for the kaiju’s pincer arms!

The robot’s goal is to do killer golf shots.

The kaiju’s goal is to be a huge jerk and stop killer golf shots from happening.

We think it’s a pretty neat mode, and I especially love it because it takes advantage of one of the best unique features of PlayStation VR: the social screen! Being in VR and competing against another human player that’s in the same room as you is a super fun experience, especially when that VR person is a two hundred foot crab that can rip tall buildings out of the ground.

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