Burly Men at Sea PS4

Burly Men at Sea Comes to PS4 & PS Vita on September 19

Announced for Sony platforms during E3 2017Burly Men at Sea is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on September 19, developer Brain&Brain revealed today. It will include cross-buy, cross-save, a Platinum Trophy, and 4K PlayStation 4 Pro support.

A folktale adventure, here’s what to expect from Burly Men at Sea, according to Brain&Brain’s Brooke Condolora:

Burly Men at Sea tells a branching story of the unlikely adventures of the Brothers Beard as they muddle their way through encounters with creatures from Scandinavian folklore. You’ll play the role of storyteller, shaping the narrative around our ungainly heroes. With its short branching story and discoverable choices, the game is designed to be played multiple times for entirely different voyages (though we do encourage breaks). There’s even a mystery, of sorts, waiting at the end of each playthrough, for those curious enough to find it.

If the spoiler-filled Trophy list is any indication, simply beating Burly Men at Sea will get you the Platinum Trophy.

Burly Men at Sea will be playable at the PlayStation booth at PAX West in Seattle from September 1-4.

A price for the PlayStation versions wasn’t given, but Burly Men at Sea currently costs $9.99 USD on Steam.

If you missed it, Brain&Brain is the studio that previously said they think “Sony is still the biggest game in town” when it came to supporting indie devs.

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