Fortnite Patch 1.4.6 Fixes Several Crashes & Bugs, Available Now

Epic Games is pushing out a new patch for Fortnite today. The patch, which will bring the game to version 1.4.6, contains mostly bug fixes and errors that caused the game to crash. This latest patch should be live now and ready to download.

Here are the patch notes for more information:

  • Made improvements to memory usage on Xbox One
    • This should prevent out-of-memory crashes
  • Corrected a PS4 crash caused by in game audio
  • Fixed an exploit preventing item durability loss
  • Fixed a bug which caused caches to become visible on the minimap during “Repair the Shelter”
  • Corrected an Xbox One network crash
  • Corrected an AI pathfinding server crash
  • Corrected a particle system crash
  • The Teleporter can no longer be selected via the mouse scroll wheel

Fortnite is still in Early Access, but you can check out our Early Access review for plenty of information on the shooter:

The core of Fortnite will be very familiar to most gamers. Players destroy everything in their path to get all sort of items (from guns to crafting materials), then take on waves of zombie-like monsters. When laid out like that it can sound a bit generic, and while Epic Games’ latest third-person shooter can feel familiar at times, it also manages to make it all enjoyable thanks to how charming the gameplay is. The zombies aren’t presented as terrorizing cannibals, but rather undead dummies that might have a beehive attached to their head. As far as flesh-eating dead people go, they’re certified cuties.

Fortnite’s official release date is sometime next year.

[Source: Epic Games]