New The Evil Within 2 Trailer Shows off the Deadly Photographer Stefano

With The Evil Within 2‘s October 13 release quickly approaching, Bethesda is starting to show off more about the upcoming horror game. Sebastian won’t just be dealing with horrific monsters, but also humans that have managed to make it into the “STEM world.” A new trailer shows off one of these humans, a demented photographer named Stefano Valentini.

Check out the new The Evil Within 2 trailer below to see what type of scares Stefano will bring:

To further flesh out Stefano, Bethesda also released some information on the character’s backstory. Check it out below:

After losing his eye in an explosion during his time as a war photographer, Stefano rapidly descended into madness. His newfound “vision” drove him to become fascinated by the precise instant when death takes a person – that split second in time when people are, in his opinion, at their most open and most beautiful. Stefano returned home from the war with a newfound purpose. But he wouldn’t wait for these perfect moments to arise on their own. Why should he, when he could orchestrate those final breaths? One victim became two, and soon enough he had become a serial killer, photographing each of his victims’ faces at the exact moment of their demise.

But the real world could never appreciate his talents. Stefano was hunted, until he found himself in this STEM world – a world of “pure creation.” A world he could shape to suit his own desires. And Lily is the key to unlocking the potential of this world.

And he’s not alone in his endeavors. Born from an untethered and immoral imagination and sculpted from blood and bone and flesh, Obscura is one of Stefano’s greatest masterpieces. Somewhere inside of Obscura is a story from another life, long before Stefano ever even learned of the existence of STEM – a story you’ll have to uncover for yourself as you explore Union and discover more about the twisted artist behind some of the horrors hunting you.

The Evil Within 2 releases on Friday, October 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.