playstation now may 2020

Rainbow Six Siege and The Evil Within 2 Headline This Month’s PS Now Additions

Three titles are joining PlayStation Now this month. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and The Evil Within 2 headline the May 2020 lineup, which also includes psychological thriller Get Even. An online tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege will leave Sony’s streaming service later this year on Monday, November 2nd. Neither The Evil Within 2 nor Get Even have exit dates attached.

Rainbow Six Siege originally launched in 2015, bringing Ubisoft’s classic tactical shooter series to a new generation. The online-centric title sees two teams compete against one another in matches that emphasize teamwork. Players have access to a host of operators, as well as each operator’s gadgets, skills, and weaponry. Battles are usually intense, forcing teams to think and work strategically to come out on top.

The Evil Within 2 is a sequel to Tango Gameworks’ original The Evil Within, which is also accessible on PS Now. This survival horror game takes place three years after the events of its predecessor. Series star Sebastian Castellanos returns, now a broken man haunted by trauma from past experiences. The Evil Within 2 forces Sebastian to face said trauma head on, while he works to save his daughter, the daughter he was led to believe died in an accident. Needless to say, plenty of horror awaits for those who dare enter this celebrated world from Producer Shinji Mikami.

Finally, Get Even brings terror to PS Now in its own right. This first-person experience from The Farm 51 is an amalgam of genres, including shooter, puzzler, and psychological thriller. Players assume the role of a character locked inside an asylum. Bizarrely, a virtual reality device is “surgically grafted” to their head. In an effort to uncover the mystery behind such circumstances, players must find and enter memories that slowly reveal the truth. A murder mystery is replete with twists and turns.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]