Dragon Ball FighterZ to Get Over 10 Stages, Unique Character-Specific Voice Lines

In a Famitsu interview with Dragon Ball FighterZ developers Tomoko Hiroki and Junya Motomura (translated by Shonen Games), new details have come out about the upcoming fighting game. In the interview, Hiroki mentions that the game will have “over 10 stages,” with more of them to be shown off as they continue development. Currently, only Namek and the Tenkaichi stages have been revealed.

Hiroki also talked about unique voice interactions that will happen between characters as you play. These lines between the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster will be triggered through both unique team pairings and depending on who you are fighting against.

“This wasn’t shown at E3, but when switching from one character to another, you may hear special voice lines that are specific to that pair. There are also voice lines that are specific to your opponent as well.”

The interview also goes into details about balancing the game for hardcore fighting fans and casual audiences, the roots of Dragon Ball FighterZ coming from Extreme Budoten on the 3DS, and more about the visual design decisions being made in the game. You can read the full translated interview on Shonen Games, or the original text on Famitsu.

If you can’t get enough of Dragon Ball FighterZ, make sure to check out our hands on preview from E3, where Tyler said that this is basically an interactive anime, bringing all of the style and flair from Dragon Ball to a fighting game.

“The fighting in Dragon Ball FighterZ is just as fun as it looks. The combat is instantly accessible to anyone that has played a fighting game, but there’s enough unique systems in play that competitive players will have to spend plenty of time learning the ins and outs. Going off of Arc System Works’ track record, this isn’t a game that Dragon Ball fans will want to miss out on.”

[Source: Shoryuken, Famitsu, Shonen Games]