“Stunningly Realistic” Fishing Simulator, Fishing Planet, Coming to PS4 on August 29

Fishing Planet Studio has announced that its “stunningly realistic” free-to-play fishing simulator will make its way to the PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, August 29. Aptly titled Fishing Planet, the game comes with PS4 Pro support. You can check out a trailer above that features game engine footage.

In a press release, the developer wrote:

Fishing Planet – the most popular and advanced free-to-play fishing simulator, is the #1 choice in virtual fishing among professional anglers. And it’s not just a game about catching fish. Fantastic graphics, ultra realistic tackle physics, lifelike hydro- and aerodynamics, and most importantly – scientifically recreated natural behavior of various fish in their authentic environment: all this brings the fantastic world of fishing right to the player’s console.

Players can also participate in fishing tournaments and competitions, playing with their friends and family or competing with other anglers from all around the world – thus enjoying the immeasurable drive and challenges of competitive fishing. It’s a thrilling way to see just how good your skills really are and if you can out-fish the best of anglers.

Fishing Planet is an indie studio that comprises of former Crysis, Metro, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S developers. “We are good at what we do and have a full understanding of what anglers want,” they say. You can find that out for yourself in less than two weeks!

Any of our readers planning to go virtual fishing?